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FIFA 21 Basic VIP Access




Game Engine:
– Frostbite Engine
Game Version:
– Latest Version

Operating systems:


1 Month $14.95


Cheat Features:

General Tab:
  • Alt Tab Bypass
  • Show Controller Battery
  • Show Latency/Ping to Opponent
  • Change Match Time to 45 min or 90 min
  • Teleport Ball to home goal or away goal with hotkey
  • Show ESP for Both Teams, My Team, or Opponent Team
  • Player Name
  • Overall Rating
  • Is Player At Max Speed
  • Career Mode and Pro Clubs Player Attributes Rating
Ultimate Team Tab:
  • Show User ID
  • Show Club Name
  • Show Squad Rating
  • Show Chemistry
  • Notify if Pack has Player Walkout (So you don’t have to wait for animation to complete to find out)
  • Spoof Division Number
  • Spoof Skill Points Number (Allows you to find opponents in other divisions)
  • Save and Load menu configuration


  • Custom Anti-Cheat
  • Secure Hack Streaming System
Subscription time

1 Month

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