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TUTORIAL – How to pay with Credit Card.


we received all your requests, and we are now semi-accept credit cards payments.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial how to purchase any product with credit card:

1. Goto this Link: https://www.westernunion.com/de/en/web/send-money/start?ReceiveCountry=BE

2. Fill in the amount the subscription cost. (Example: Counter Strike: Global Offensive 14,95 USD = 15,00 USD)

3. Next you need to select how Tonga will receive the money, make sure to select Bank account.

4. Click on continue.

6. Register or Login

Now you need to fill out Tonga’s information (Business Bank Account Holder: Tonga Pay):

7. First Name: Tonga

8. Last Name: Pay

9. Email: western-union-notification@tongacheats.com

10. Bank: TransferWise Europe SA

11. IBAN: BE14 9671 0631 4083

12. Payment type: Goods & Services

13. Source of funds

14. Continue

15. Enter your card details and click on continue.


Now confirm the money transfer, and we will send you the product once we received the confirmation from Western Union.