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Tutorial – How to pay with PayPal and Credit Card

We love to accept more payment methods but unfortunately, sometimes it’s not possible due to problems with fake payments.
But we found a solution that doesn’t cost a lot of time and allows you to pay with any Card and PayPal.
Simply follow this tutorial (4 minutes):
1. Select one of these merchants:
2. Select the amount you need to buy a subscription.
  •  – Ex. Sub cost  $14.95 select $15 card.
3. Proceed to the checkout and pay via Credit Card or PayPal.
4. Collect the Neosurf code and proceed to our Subscription Purchase Page.
5. Select the Subscription you want and select “Neosurf (Payssion)” as the payment method you want to choose.
6. Click order and that’s it.
PayPal / Card